Tuesday 7:30pm Avenidas Group meeting is the only face to face English meeting in São Paulo and is listed below.Contact Sean +55 11 97627 7068 whatsapp or iMessage. Zoom meetings Saturday 2:30pm and Wednesday gratitude 7:00pm Zoom id 3929150193 password 7tnS4f Contact Rod +1 305 987 9688 USA cell whatsapp enabled

Avenidas Group
107 Rua (street) Carlos Sampaio. Paraiso neighborhood (bairro in Portuguese) — Bela Vista neighborhood on google
Address for Taxi:
Bairro Paraiso . Rua Carlos Sampaio 107
In the Fellowship Community Church. Look for an open gate to the left of the church where cars are parked. Enter here and say to the people you see AA ( ah, ah in Portuguese) and they will show you where to go. The people you see probably work at the church or are attending the meeting. You will enter the building as you walk past some of the cars and go to the top floor.

Big Book Study
7:30pm – 8:30pm
Open Meeting
Contact Sean
+55 11 97627 7068

Whatsapp or iMessage preferred

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Brooklin Zoom
Saturdays at 2:30pm Zoom Meeting ID 3929150193 passcode 7tnS4f
Mid-week gratitude Wednesdays 7:00pm – 8:00PM Zoom ID 3929150193 passcode 7tnS4f
Contact Rod for zoom info whatsapp +1 305 987 9688

Free Reading Material

Contact A.A. Sao Paulo

To find out more about our meetings, or just for general info, contact: Sean
+55 11 97627 7068 whatsapp or iMessage
USA +1 773 986 0809 text

+55 119 5050 4822

Contact Rod R.for zoom meetings
+1 305 987 9688 USA cell whatsapp
Whatsapp enabled

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