Avenidas Group

107 Rua (street) Carlos Sampaio. Paraiso neighborhood (bairro in Portuguese) — Bela Vista neighborhood on google

Address for Taxi:
Bairro Paraiso . Rua Carlos Sampaio 107

In the Fellowship Community Church. Although the meeting is held at a church, we, as an AA group are not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution. Look for an open gate to the left of the church where cars are parked. Enter here and say to the people you see AA ( ah, ah in Portuguese) and they will show you where to go. The people you see probably work at the church or are attending the meeting. You will enter the building as you walk past some of the cars and go to the top floor.

Big Book Study
8:00pm – 9:00pm

12 Promises
9:00am – 10:00am

Contact Gui
+55 11 98899 7851

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Open Meeting

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Jardins Group

1055 Rua Sampaio Vidal (upstairs)
Jardim Paulistano neighborhood
address for taxi
Rua Sampaio Vidal 1055 (upstairs)
Jardim Paulistano bairro

Brooklin Group

8473 Avenida Morumbi, Brooklin neighborhood

Address for taxi:
Bairro Brooklin. Avenida Morumbi 8473

4 blocks from Avenida Santa Amaro. Near the corner of Morumbi and Oscar Gomes. Enter building from Morumbi next to Jaber. Look for the # 05 and buzz yourself in.
Allow about 30 minutes to get there via taxi from Avenida Paulista — it should cost about 50 Brazilian dollars each way.
Ask around for a ride back to Avenida Paulista or Centro. Often people are happy for you to ride back with them.

2:00pm – 3:30pm
Literature meeting

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Free Reading Material

Contact A.A. Sao Paulo

To find out more about our meetings, or just for general info, contact: Email us

+55 11 98899 7851
Whatsapp preferred

David B.
+55 11 96688 0758
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